Friday, March 25, 2005

I dedicate this post to Miss Hendrix-Cat

at whose cattery I had a wonderful meal on Tuesday. With a wave of a paw she made Beef Olives from scratch. I met One Bad Way and F put the world to rights. The chocolate Almond cake warmed with Lucas Ice Cream went down a treat. Infact everything went quite swimmingly until S disappeared into the spare bedroom with F about 10.30pm reappearing about and hour and half later enquiring if Miss Hendrix-Cat would have a paper cup about her person to do a foley - this is for the epic film which is know commonly known as the triple f*. A paper cup was improvised from the innards of a toilet tube roll - Blue Peter eat your heart out. S disappeared with tube and reappeared 2 hours later. I pushed him and his bicycle into a taxi as he was far too tired to cycle. Collapsed into my bed at 2.30am forgetting that I had to get up for work the next day. My great aunt would say 'Work it really cuts into your day' I fervently agree especially when you have only had 5 hours sleep. Its sad but true after the age of 25 life is unsupporable on less than 7 hours sleep a night.

After losing my purse yesterday, rushing home from work, cancelling all my cards and then finding said purse I've decided I'm stressed out by full time work and trying to unwind my paws and restore my spirit.

*F**king Fife Film


At 3:25 PM , Blogger hendrix said...

thank you very very much for the dedication and for not only dragging yourself over after work but bringing that wonderful choc cake the left overs of which herebemonsters and I fiercely fought over for breakfast.


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