Saturday, March 05, 2005

ok this is going to be the post when my

audience finally leaves.

Phone goes I answer it - its difficult not to as its beside the computer and a nice friend left a message on the answerphone and I think it is her phoning back.

No it is the difficult draining friend the one who I keep on telling myself is not draining but each time I speak to her or see her I want to lie down for about 8 hours. She goes on and on and I'm so good at this stuff I ask questions interject comments and then she starts interrogating me on my upcoming week. Oh my god

oh my god

oh my god

she wants to meet.

Now my past week included the hour long patronization session, a funeral of a 57 year old who I've known since 10 and worked with on feminist orgs, a week at a temp job dealing with the dregs of human society, my temp agency 'forgetting' to pay me and my bloody period.








So I interrupt her and say in haste ' I must go and make dinner' - the veg box is calling to me.....

What a lame excuse but then if you give an exciting one like 'oh my god the house is on fire' she will call to find out how the fire went later (dinner enquires are less likely) and more seriously Tell My Parents.


At 2:31 PM , Blogger Tim said...

I guess that depends on who your audience is.

I'm still here.

At 6:22 PM , Blogger hendrix said...

I'm not planning on leaving either...


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