Sunday, April 03, 2005

stamp stamp STAMP S T A M P

Consider this a fully fledged tantrum one which started in my journal as I sat outside this morning and its being continued online.

Life has been grim even hellish. First of all last week I had to cancell ALL of my cards as my purse went missing, then it turned up, I now have a fine array of cards arriving without pin number and pin numbers arriving without card. Thanks BANK OF SCOTLAND, VISA and EGG. This has added considerably to my enjoyment of life. Yesterday I was planning a kitten hunting expidition. (I am so hacked off with the ENTIRE human race importing feline friends seemed the only way to go). I started looking out my large net, box, kitten tempting food. Then wait... the lodger who said he'd pay me the rent on sat couldn't be arsed to turn up. Kitten hunting expedition cancelled. Evening spent with dysfunctional family with little brother and wife. Back home signs lodger may have returned in my absence (the trip wire had been tripped) no rent. Wake up at 10pm shower listen to les Archeros - try not to wake lodger assuming came home last night. Go outside for tea and left over cake notice that the shutter on lodger bedroom is still open - the bastard did not return last night! Still not home probably WON'T come home today.

Cancell my evening appointment with friend. Have to do it via email as she has never given me her phone number. She probably won't get the message as she is unlikely to check her email today. BUT DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING I'M COMPLETELY FUCKED OFF WITH PEOPLE WHO JUST FUCKING ASSUME I'M ALWAYS GOING TO TURN UP I'M ALWAYS GOING TO BE THERE, I'M ALWAYS NOT GOING TO FIND IT A PROBLEM.



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