Saturday, April 16, 2005

ghost woman

Went off to have adventures today. After all when you work 5 days a week the paltry two days off become rather precious. I mapped out a plan of activities. First stop St Columba's Doocot where I scored a bag of Kelly green wool and an armful of tapestry wool for £6. Then I went to the library and was absorbed in 52 Ways to Transform Your Life (mostly to be summed up in don't marry 3 men with unrealistic expectations and reinvent yourself as a life coach aged 50). Anyway was sitting on chair reading and F appeared into the library. Just the person I've been avoiding, the person who has turned me into a call screener, the person I have personally promised my therapist not to talk about even though she ominously suggested that perhaps we should 'explore my response to F'.

So the person who triggers all my buttons, poppers, zippers, and velcro sashayed through the library door. I held my breath, did not say anything, she walked over stood 3 foot away from me looking at the periodicals, Sugar is a completely fascinating item of modern culture is it not? I stood completely still, she turned and walked right past me towards romantic fiction. I got up, leaving 52 Ways to Transform Your Life beside the chair and walked out. Now I've obviously become a shape shifter, no doubt F probably thought I was a tramp or something keeping warm by sitting for free in the library.
I bolted up Leith Walk got a bus to Favorit and had a very late breakfast. I then walked up to Holy Corner to the Garden Centre. I was completely put out when it transpired it was shut, closed, out of business. I did a few charity shops in the area, devoid of wool, then walked to the funky yarn shop in Bruntsfield which I'd never been in.

Was looking intently at wool and checking the felting properties there of when a heard a loud and very distinctive voice at the other end of the shop. Barnsley Woman ! Fellow Stitch & Bitcher was stuck with her for a very long 2 hours last weekend. She noticed me and was about to bear down on me so I scarpered to the Meadows. The trees were covered in spring green and it was a lovely view to the city skyline but not one but two things going wrong in my planned treat day was really frustrating. I went and did the next best thing spend money I don't have on books.


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