Friday, April 15, 2005

I've not managed to ease myself into a routine

with this blog. Its a place I wanted to come to and say so many things I couldn't say elsewhere. I wanted to be honest. Honesty is tireing - but so is lying. And there are so many people I am lying to at the moment. I feel evasive and ferral, and put upon and frankly tired. I've got a long weekend (unexpected holiday on monday) but I'm so tired and sad I'm planning to spend this time quietly and on my own. I've got to sort myself out... I bought a pile of wool yesterday from John Lewis and sad to say its the most cheering thing in my life at the moment - that and the peach tulip which flowered on wednesday. A few leaf buds on my wild cherry. The rain is lashing down today and its gray and windy. I'll probably go home and batten down the hatches.


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